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Company Policy
Work time
     5days/week, 8hrs/day
Free Meals and dormitory
     DSG provides free meals and dormitory for all the employees
Social Insurance
     DSG provides social insurance (including pension insurance, unemployed insurance,
     injury insurance,medical insurance and maternity insurance) for all employees.
Housing Fund
      DSG provides housing fund for employees. Company pay rate:10%; Individual pay rate:10% 
The 13th salary
 DSG provides the 13th month salary to employees every year.
Yearly salary Review
      Every April, DSG conducts yearly salary review according to employee’s performance, ability
Special salary review and promotion
 To exceptional contributors, Special Salary Review and Promotion will be arranged depending on
 specific situations.
Housing subsidy
 DSG provides housing subsidy for employees do not live in the campus dormitory but have qualifications
 to apply the subsidy
Long Service Bonus
 To encourage employee long service for company, DSG provides Long Service Bonus to employee according
 to service seniority
Shuttle Bus Service
      DSG provides shuttle bus service between DSG and Dongguan City.
Training Course
      DSG provides a series of management, technology, language training courses for employee.
      DSG provides entertainment facilities and places for employees
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