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DSG PCB Greener Than New Water Pollutants Regulation with all details Published:2010-05-03 01:32:54 Click:9148
China is introducing new regulations for water pollutants, and DSG are already well within the limits.
Since Dongguan Somacis Graphic, better known as DSG PCB opened, the board of directors has tried
to reduce the impact on the environment and impose high standards for water treatment at the plant. 
The philosophy is that there is no future and progress without the respect for the environment and the
DSG is a partnership owned by SOMACIS pcb industries and GRAPHIC plc. Both companies have the same
understanding when it comes to taking care of the environment. It is part of the history and culture of both
companies from green European countries, where the respect for the environment is not taught, but is lived
day by day.
The culture of looking after the environment is not something that has been forced on the company with new
age regulations but is a deep-rooted respect for the earth. The industry park where DSG is located is close to
Chashan, that in Chinese means ‘Mountain of Tea’, where DSG tries to be as green as possible.
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